AP Marvel

This venture has its origins in a student-taught class (StuCo) at Carnegie Mellon called “Marvel Film & Media Studies.” Chris, a massive Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, detailed the cinematic influences of each MCU film and television show, while also leading discussions with students about the themes of each MCU property.

The class was eventually passed on to former StuCo “students” Anthony Paone, Izzy Sio, Thomas Rasmussen, and Sabrina Clarke, all at different periods of time after Chris graduated from CMU. Chris gathered this group and began a podcast called AP Marvel that served as a weekly deep dive in to the political and social issues touched upon in the MCU.

After some success hosting the podcast on Marvel News Desk, AP Marvel spun off into a separate show and website. Funded by a Patreon campaign, AP Marvel has the mission of promoting marginalized voices and other people invisible in most comic book movie websites. The new AP Marvel Medium publication accepts pitches for written essays, video essays, and any other artistic expression, with the goal being to pay these contributors.