Made in the Philippines, Born in California, Raised in Pennsylvania, Living and Breathing in Pop Culture.


Chris Compendio is a writer from the Philadelphia Main Line, and his love for movies, TV, theatre, and games has led him to work for various mediums. writing since his time in middle school, Chris has written screenplays, short stories, and comedy sketches. During his time in college, Chris began production group Bad Haircut Productions with several friends and collaborators. Inspired by websites such as Giant Bomb, Polygon and Rooster Teeth, Bad Haircut produces written articles, podcasts, and videos involving the group's love and interest in various pop culture topics. Several of Chris's filmed pieces are under the Bad Haircut label.

Chris graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in the Spring of 2016 with a degree in Information Systems and Creative Writing. He is currently an Editorial Intern for Paste Magazine, writing news stories about entertainment on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Chris is also editing a film called "Routes", writing a series of video essays about the Marvel Cinematic Universe for MCUExchange, and contributing to Screen Rant. With his many passions in pop culture, he intends to pursue a career in journalism and to continue creating video and podcast content on the internet.