Onto the Next: Stories of a Family

A collection of three short stories, depicting three generations of a family.

The Favorite: Reina, a cruel and authoritative mother, reminisces on her lost and corrupted view of love. She is brought to her breaking point as she raises her three children.

Uncanny Valley: Renee, a college student, deals with newfound revelations about her family history, as she struggles with depression and begins questioning her relationship with her boyfriend Maxx.

What Worked: When young Elliot falls for a girl on his school bus, he begins to wonder why many of the relationships he observes fail—and asks why his parents' marriage is still so strong.

For the stories, contact Chris through this website's contact form.

Haverford School Stories

A series of seven linked stories based on my twelve years at The Haverford School.

Still There

She's Not Here


Everyone Smokes

Stuck in Line


The Seniors Suck This Year

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