Where is the Bonesmith in Sea of Thieves? All Skeleton Curse cosmetics

Upon doing the Ritual of the Flame in Sea of Thieves, you’ll have the uncanny ability to equip the Skeleton Curse and sail the sea as nothing but bones. Upon first transforming into your new form, you’ll notice that you’re not wearing a single thing. Perhaps what makes this truly a curse is that you can’t equip any of your existing cosmetics as a skeleton. However, if you find the Bonesmith in Sea of Thieves, you’ll find that he’ll have plenty of wares to offer and make your skeleton all spiffy.

How to get the Skeleton Curse in Sea of Thieves – Ritual of the Flame

If you’ve been battling it out as a Servant of the Flame for Sea of Thieves, you’re likely on your way to earning probably the most unique curse in Rare’s pirate game. The Skeleton Curse will transform your entire body into nothing but bones, which appears to align with Flameheart’s true vision of what a pirate’s life should be in the Sea of Thieves. You’ll have to partake in the Ritual of the Flame in order to earn the Skeleton Curse — here’s where and how.

How to get the Ghost Curse in Sea of Thieves – Blessing of Athena's Fortune

If you’ve been fighting for freedom as part of the Guardians of Fortune, you’re well on your way to getting the coveted Ghost Curse in Sea of Thieves. Characters seem to die all the time in this game, but some NPCs like Merrick have returned in ghostly form, while you’ll occasionally put up with cantankerous ghosts like the Phantoms. If you reach certain accomplishments on behalf of the Pirate Lord and Athena’s Fortune, you too can look like a green ghost in Sea of Thieves.

How to claim Sea of Thieves Twitch Drops

Every season of Sea of Thieves comes with waves (pun intended) of Twitch Drops, allowing players to claim cosmetics for their pirate character and ships. It’s a great way to support content creators for the game and earn items and equipment that you otherwise cannot unlock. While some of these cosmetic drops may return in the future, most Sea of Thieves Twitch Drops are one and done. If you’re looking to spiffy up your pirate look, here’s how Twitch Drops work in Sea of Thieves.

How to earn Milestones in Sea of Thieves – All Milestone Alignments

With Captaincy comes a new form of progress in Sea of Thieves called Milestones. These are permanent trackers for essentially every activity you do in-game for both you as an individual player and any ships that you may captain. By increasing your Class for each Milestone, you can earn the ability to buy Trinkets from Shipwrights. Additionally, Milestones are grouped into Alignments as a reflection on your playstyle. Here’s how Milestones and Alignments work in Sea of Thieves.

Should you choose Flameheart or Pendragon in Sea of Thieves: Return of the Damned Adventure?

Sea of Thieves has been host to what feels like an eternal conflict between two pirate factions, and it’s coming to a head in the Return of the Damned Adventure. Players will have to choose between helping Pendragon and Belle permanently banish and imprison the nefarious Flameheart, or they can support the Servant of the Flame to fully restore him to his physical form instead. But which Sea of Thieves faction should you support, and who should you give your Bewitching Dolls to?

All Shooter weapons and variants in Splatoon 3

The Shooter is the most basic main weapon type in the Splatoon series — you point and shoot ink with these auto-fire ink guns. However, the Shooter class has the highest number of unique weapons, with all of them having distinct properties. With differing range, damage, and fire rates, it will be tough to choose which one of these Shooters fits your playstyle, but it’s best to cycle through them to keep all of them Fresh. Here are the 13 Shooter weapons currently available in Splatoon.

All Drizzle Season 2022 Catalog rewards in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 includes seasonal content, not unlike a battle pass in other online multiplayer games. However, all seasonal rewards are free, with 100 tiers to earn until the end of the Season. You’ll earn rewards by gaining Catalog Points from doing multiplayer activities in Splatoon 3. Catalog rewards include emotes, titles, banners, tickets, and gear. Here’s what’s included in Splatoon 3’s first season, Drizzle Season 2022.

All new weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon's Secret Weapons DLC, and how to get them

Not every game can say that it added new boyfriends as DLC, but Boyfriend Dungeon from Kitfox Games did just that with the Secret Weapons update. Featuring three new dateable weapons, the Secret Weapons DLC is free and playable for both players who have finished the main story and for anyone starting the game for the first time. Get ready to go out with Jonah the Axe, Leah the Hammer, and eventually, Dr. Holmes the Whip.

How to unlock the UGM-8 LMG in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone

Players in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone may sometimes be hesitant to use an LMG for their loadouts — with as twitchy and quick these games can be, some LMGs just lug them down. That isn’t the case with the UGM-8, however. Sporting high mobility along with a high fire rate, the UGM-8 might just have what some firepower-hungry players are seeking. Here’s how you can get the UGM-8 in Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

What is Bloodhound's gender identity in Apex Legends? Answered

Out of all the triple-A live service games out in the market, Apex Legends arguably has the most colorful and diverse cast of characters. Many of the characters are somewhere on the LGBTQA+ spectrum, and no two Legends are alike. One character that new players might be curious about is Bloodhound; many might ask if “Bloodhound is a boy or a girl,” possibly without awareness of other gender identities. Here is what studio Respawn Entertainment has divulged about Bloodhound’s identity in Apex Legends.

Shipwrights' Supply Shop in Sea of Thieves – how to stock your ship

Stocking up your ship in Sea of Thieves with supplies and resources can be laborious. The most basic way to do so is to pocket supplies from every barrel in an Outpost, which takes way too much time. The Merchant Alliance sells Resource Crates, luckily, to cut some of that time down. But if you are a Captain in Sea of Thieves, or are part of a Captained crew, Shipwrights can expedite this whole process with their Supply Shop.

Sea of Thieves Captain's Voyages, explained

One of the many perks of Captaincy is Sea of Thieves is the ability to buy and embark on Captain’s Voyages. These are quests of varying lengths with mostly familiar tasks and activities, but there are a number of conveniences here. For one, you can pick from a number of Captain’s Voyages to curate what types of activities and how long your play sessions will be. Here’s where to find and propose Captain’s Voyages, as well as the many types of Voyages you can go on in Sea of Thieves.

How to restore and repair a ship in Sea of Thieves

When your ship gets damaged in Sea of Thieves, you can easily repair the damage with some wood planks. However, even though your ship will function normally, it definitely won’t look like it’s in shipshape. Paint may be chipped, holes to your hull may look unappealing, and your capstan and wheel will lose their distinct designs. Luckily, you can fully restore your ship’s look in Sea of Thieves — but only if you’re in a Captained crew.
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