50 celebrities with a history of protest

Stacker looked back in history for other similar moments in time: the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, governmental action against communism, Proposition 8, and several environmental incidents are included. Through news articles, listicles, and retrospectives, Stacker has compiled a list of 50 celebrities of different races fighting for different causes who have a history of participating in protests or have made significant news through their participation. Click on to see which causes your favorite stars may have supported.

50 card games to play at home and the stories behind them

With this in mind, Stacker has compiled 50 of the most popular card games that anyone can play with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. This list includes games from the aforementioned skill levels and genres, sourced and referenced from a number of game-enthusiast websites and storefronts like BoardGameGeek and PlayingCardDecks.com, and databases for games like Pagat. Each slide will describe the basic rules of the game, other similar and comparable card games, and if applicable or available, a brief history of the game. And even if all options have been exhausted, one could resort to card tricks, card throwing, and building houses of cards for merriment. Read on to see the best games you can play with your own deck of cards during this period of social distancing.

25 iconic directors’ first films in color

Stacker surveyed film history and chose 25 iconic directors who made the switch from black-and-white films to films in color at some point in their career. Due to the scarcity of women filmmakers in a male-dominated filmmaking culture throughout history, there is only one woman on the list. Only feature films were considered. Click on to see the first steps that some of these directors took into a new, colorful cinematic world.

100 greatest movie songs from 100 years of film

With a long, grand history spanning more than a century, Stacker compiled the 100 greatest movie songs using data from the American Film Industry's 100 Years Project. The survey, which occurred in 2004 (hence no recent tunes like “Let It Go” from “Frozen”), asked a selection of jurors from across the movie industry to evaluate music and lyrics "featured in an American film that set a tone or mood, define character, advance plot and/or express the film’s themes in a manner that elevates the moving image art form." The cultural impact and legacy involving the song were also important criteria in the selection process. Click on to see some of the most important songs that stuck with audiences long after the credits rolled.

50 famous firsts from TV history

Looking back television's short by wide-ranging history, Stacker selected 50 significant firsts. Compiled from observations made by many other television critics and historians, the gallery includes firsts in television technology, easing sentiments on certain taboos, and groundbreaking creative decisions that increased representation for certain demographics. These firsts may seem menial today, but many of the moments featured here created uproar, controversy, and debate during times where this content was uncommon on the airwaves. Read on to see some of the most impactful shows and moments that would forever change television history.

Best 2020 Oscar-nominated movies, according to critics

With another Oscars ceremony fast approaching comes a renewed discussion about cinema, the culture behind awards shows, and the inclusivity (or lack thereof) of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Some of the most loved and appreciated films of 2019 are in the running for trophies at the 92nd Academy Awards, set for 8 p.m. EST Sunday, Feb. 9, while others were notably snubbed from the list of nominees.

15 controversial Oscar wins—and how they’ve aged

With the 92nd Academy Awards approaching and a telecast planned for Feb. 9, 2020, Stacker revisits some of the most controversial Oscar wins in the history of these award ceremonies. Now that social media has amplified the voices of the movie-going public, critiques over awards and the film industry have become more significant in recent years, with controversies skewing toward the past couple of decades as a result. Click through Stacker's list to see some of the most criticized Oscar wins, and how they are looked back on upon further reflection.

Most anticipated TV shows coming out in 2020

As television studios attempt to continue an age of prestige television, all while trying to recapture the zeitgeist of monumental shows like the recently ended “Game of Thrones,” corporations are attempting to figure out how to best distribute these programs. What passes as television today doesn’t just come from a cable box next to your television, but from your computer and smart devices as well. Click on to see which television shows you should be tuning into in the upcoming year.

100 best movies from the last decade, according to critics

The landscape of film has changed significantly during the 2010s, with streaming services and large, cinematic universe franchises taking hold of Hollywood. At the same time, the growing internet has allowed a larger number of people to make their film criticism heard, with some rising YouTube and Twitter critics gaining larger followings—while other cases have brought bad faith harassment campaigns against filmmakers and actors. Even amongst the new media landscape of the past decade, filmmake

30 best Netflix shows for binge watching over the holidays

These are English-language TV shows and miniseries, with non-English language anime series being the only exception. The rankings presented in this list come from IMDb user rating data (as of October 2019) ordered from the 30th top-rated show to the first; ties were broken by vote count, and each show had to have at least 5,000 votes to be considered. Click on to see the best television shows to add to your Netflix list.

Most liberal public colleges in America

Political activism in the United States has evolved and changed in the past several decades, and college campuses have often been the center of this activism. With issues of free speech and free expression being debated, there is a spotlight on the ratio of liberals to conservatives amongst the student bodies and faculty staff on college campuses. With a major United States federal election approaching in 2020, political discourse and conversations will be louder than usual. As high school stud
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