The Humans


An Original Feature Length Screenplay

A nuclear family of aliens lives amongst humans on a mission to observe Earth. When their mission nears an end, the family is split on whether to leave or to stay.

Screenplay Excerpt



College student David has a simple decision to make: which way to take to his next class. But as simple as the choice can be, each path has the potential to take him on a radically different journey. In this film, we see three possible outcomes, and David wonders to himself if his choices really do matter.

CMU Film Club Pitch Project, 2015

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Based on a short story by Kelly Mao

Two college roommates, one a man of science and the other not, discuss the potential of milk spontaneously appear in a bowl of cereal. Tensions rise. Hilarity ensues.

Shot for Shot Student Film Festival selection, 2014


The Crossing


A couple comes to a disagreement about living arrangements as they cross the Forbes-Morewood intersection.


A Documentary About the Haverford Community


A culmination of my twelve years at this all-boys private school, this documentary discusses student life at different age groups, bullying, our Community Awareness program, the Diversity Alliance, the then-graduating Class of 2012, and the balance of arts, athletics, and academics.