Love Bites

April 1-2, 2016

Co-Director, Head Writer

"Sometimes we look for love in all the wrong places" was the mantra of this sketch comedy show. Featuring two musical bits, this show explored romance from different perspectives, from young children in the schoolyard, to married couples in therapy, and a new Tinder/Uber hybrid app.

Also featured - some good, old fashioned wordplay.

Sketches Contributed by Chris Compendio:

Phone Sex: This is some of the wordplay we mentioned.

Tree Protester: Generally, the activists tie themselves to the tree, but rarely does it work the other way around.

Penis Game: A fun game, but not meant to be played everywhere.

Dating Video: A lost 80's dating video is unearthed for our innocent 21st-century eyes. (filmed and co-directed video)

Quotation Therapy: We all have friends who quote things too often, but hopefully not a spouse who does the same.

Glory Hole Confession: A man seeking a good time in a bathroom ends up seeking salvation.

Last Words: A tense, climactic confrontation in an action movie turns a bit awkward.

Sexy Fire Alarm: The polite voice guiding people out of a burning building may be too polite.


November 13-14, 2015

Head Writer

A parody of TED Talks, this off-the-wall sketch comedy show has jokes involving intellectualism, politics, and other topics that are spun to an absurd measure.

Sketches Contributed by Chris Compendio:

Political Smackdown: This intense CNN talk show is much more than Congressman Brown expected.

Good Cop Dad Cop: The Viper is interrogated by police detectives using a more than unorthodox manner.

Sketch by the Foot!

April 3-4, 2015

Lead Writer

This sketch comedy show emulates a 90's children's television show. Sponsored by Gogurt!

This sketch comedy show depicts a children's show on the bubble, with sketches focusing on product placement, television, and more.

Sketches Contributed by Chris Compendio:

Funeral: Even in tragedy, we can all agree that there are cinnamon swirls in every bite.

Speed Dating: During this speed dating event, we witness the beginning of a beautiful relationship- then the middle, then the end.

Infomercial: No matter how absurd your problems are, there's always that one product that will solve everything! (directed video sketch)

Recommendation: Everyone has that friend who won't shut up about "that TV show."

Gangster Movie: This violent and profane movie is pretty good, but it sounds a bit different on TV...


November 21-22, 2014

Lead Writer

Advertised as "Hashtag Town," audiences were in for a laugh when the show's opening sketch revealed the actual (and quite crude) title of "Pound Town."

With sketches focusing and social anxieties and technology, this show was unique by having an element of audience participation, where members can vote during specific sketches to decide its outcome.

Sketches Contributed by Chris Compendio:

Skype Interview: When video chatting with someone, it is easy to forget that we never see what's going on below the neck.

GPS: What begins as a simple drive turns into a frightening journey as the nefarious GPS gives the driver strange instructions.

Never Have I Ever: An innocent and fun party game turns sour when people begin getting very personal.

Blind Date: A night turns instantly bizarre when a man's blind date begins displaying behavior similar to that of a robot.